• Blaq For BlackBerry PlayBook Updated To v1.8.6

    Blaq, the undisputed favorite Twitter app on BlackBerry PlayBook has recently received a much needed update to version 1.8.6! This is the first major update to come from Kisai Labs since last November. This update is slowly making it's way through the App World servers, so don't fret if you're currently not seeing an update on your PlayBook.

    What’s new?

    • More compact tweet rows – fit more tweets on the screen at a time
    • Ability to disable auto-correct – Advanced Options > General


    • Rendering issues – duplicate tweets, incorrect tweet info
    • Embedded content not loading – Youtube, Twitlonger, Soundcloud, etc.
    • Twitter thumbnail loading
    • Cannot follow/unfollow user if real-time streaming is disabled or fails
    • Virtual keyboard does not send tweet in portrait
    • The bl4q.me url shortener (the default shortener) has been removed. If you were using it, you will now be defaulted to Twitter’s URL shortener
    • Minor cosmetic and speed improvements

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