• Blaq For BlackBerry 10 Updated To v1.2 - Includes Push Notifications, Scheduled Tweets And Much More!

    My favorite Twitter client in the world, Blaq, has received a big update this morning, and if you're using it right now, you're going to want to get it as soon as possible. The biggest new features v1.2 brings in are push notifications which will notify you of mentions or DMs in the Hub when Blaq is closed. While this isn't technically Hub integration, it's as much as Jerome Carty, Blaq's developer, can do without the necessary APIs to be completely Hub integrated; APIs which BlackBerry doesn't hand over, unfortunately.

    All in all, this update is awesome! If you have Blaq already, the update is obviously free. If haven't picked up Blaq yet, it's available for $2.99 in BlackBerry World. It's a must-buy if you want Twitter done the right way.

    What's New in v1.2

    • Push Mentions and Direct Messages - Receive notifications when you’re mentioned or receive a new direct message even if the app is closed!
    • Scheduled tweets - Send a tweet at any time, from one or multiple accounts and manage them all within the app
    • Attach location to a tweet - Let people know where you are when you tweet. This is an opt-in feature per tweet. We do not request your location unless you want to use it.
    • Tweet from multiple accounts (or even a single account without switching) - Tap the title bar when composing a new tweet to add or switch!
    • Sensitive information warning - Warns you if you’re about to post your PIN to your public timeline
    • Universal Search - Search for tweets from your home screen and open the results in Blaq


    • Stream attempts to reconnect on losing or switching connections
    • Speed improvements


    • Account switch crash
    • Minimize crash
    • Unable to post pictures
    • Updating profile fails
    • Blank text when sharing tweet (10.2)
    • When selecting a photo, character count doesn’t update
    • Direct message convo doesn’t focus on Q10/Q5
    • Follow button doesn’t reflect actual following
    • “Follow Request Sent” is now shown when requesting to follow a protected account
    • Pictures not posting via share
    • Pictures saving without file extension
    • When sharing, friend picker is blank
    • When sharing, account picker is blank
    • Edit profile errors when saving
    • Crash on switch account (10.1 MR+)
    • When scrolling to end of user or tweet lists, the last one is duplicated
    • Crash on RT of protected tweet
    • Wrong pictures showing on tweets
    • Sharing card comes up blank (10.2)
    • After adding a new account, screen goes blank.
    • Active frame sometimes doesn’t show (10.2)
    • Crash when quoting a tweet from the tweet detail screen
    • Other small bug fixes

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