• Blaq For BlackBerry 10 Gets A Hefty Update

    Blaq, in my opinion, is the best twitter client out there and Kisai Labs does a great job with keeping their apps up to date and running as smoothly as possible. Recently Blaq got a major update and some bugs were reported which is to be expected. Kisai Labs has now provided an update to Blaq for BlackBerry 10 to version

    The update includes:

    • Public logging- If you are having any issues at all, please go to SETTINGS-ADVANCED-SEND LOGS and provide a little info about your issue.

    • When compose floater is turned off, actionbar is also turned off for tweets, statuses and timelines (10.3 only).
    • Unicode characters do not display correctly when viewed from hub(watchlist or photo notifications).
    • When using the lite theme, full names of tweet authors are difficult to see.
    • Loading user tweets is slow
    • 1.4 welcome has two options linked and a typo
    • Removed 10.0 initialization code for push registration
    • Changed browser invocation to unbound instead of bound so other browsers can be used (evolution browser, hub browser, etc).

    You can download Blaq for $2.99 here in BlackBerry World.

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