• BlackBery Dev Team Makes Cascades Webinars Available

    Despite RIM's perception in the media as a sinking ship, the company is staying the course and delivering on its promise to developers.

    With a successful BB10 Jam in New Delhi, Beijing this week, and headed to another sold out event in New Zeland it is clear that actions indeed speak louder than words.

    Today, the BlackBerryDev team made availble a two part series of webinars detailing how to build BlackBerry10 apps. The hour-plus sessions entitled Astonishing UIs using the new BlackBerry 10 framework and Astonishing UIs using the new BlackBerry 10 framework continued are re-broadcasts of their live webinars held at the end of last month. In addition to viewing the webinars, you can also download a PDF copy of the webinar's slide show presentation.

    Head to the BlackBerry Developer Cascades microsite to view the entire webinars complete with developer reactions and Q&A sessions by the hosts. While you are at it, go ahead and also sign up for the following webinar Cascades – connecting, retrieving, storing and displaying your data.

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