• BlackBerry's Z30 Launch - Under Everyone's Radar In North America

    This morning at 4am EST, halfway around the world in Malaysia, on the same day that iOS 7 is going public for all iOS devices, BlackBerry announced its latest smartphone offering, the BlackBerry Z30. The device itself is absolutely gorgeous, check out the announcement here, and it will most likely be my next device, but the announcement showed a shift in BlackBerry's thinking of which markets are officially important. It seems for now, BlackBerry has balked on the U.S. after once having it host the launch of its new platform back in January of this year.

    First of all, I have nothing against Malaysia, so let's get that out of the way. It has been a huge hotbed for BlackBerry support, so I can definitely understand why BlackBerry chose to have a device launch in that country specifically.

    However, having BlackBerry announce a non-low end device, aka the Z30, in the middle of the night of arguably one of the biggest markets in play for them (the U.S.) was a bad choice. True, sales haven't exactly taken off here in the States, so maybe that's where the cold shower came from. I get it. Unfortunately, not even their home country of Canada got special treatment as most that live there were also sleep during the announcement, and when they wake up, they may miss the news because of today's date.

    September 18th, 2013 is a big day in the tech world because of Apple's latest OS update. As much we may dislike their products and operating system, Apple is absolutely huge, and there are millions upon millions of devices that run iOS out there. Today, also marks the launch date of iOS 7 on the iPhones, iPads; etc. Most people will tell you, announcing something on the day Apple news is out there will make your news complete fall between the cracks, and get lost in the shuffle.

    When most Americans, Canadians, and even Latin Americans wake up this morning, they'll be reading about iOS 7 from the news/tech media, and not about the BlackBerry Z30, and that gets me a bit sad. Who knows exactly how long they've had this launch event set up, but from the looks of it, it wasn't exactly huge to begin with. Hopefully, the big wigs at BlackBerry are playing this hand right, and make the most out of the Z30's launch. It may be one of the last they have.

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