• BlackBerry's Take On Android Multitasking

    There are a LOT of questions left about the "Venice" (or Priv) yet to be answered. (I hate the name Priv by the way). Questions like, how will the Hub be integrated, which inductive charging standards will be available, how does multitasking work, and way more than can be listed here.

    Some of the questions have halfway answers. Things we're pretty sure we know. One of those is about how BlackBerry tackled Android multitasking.

    For those of you rocking BlackBerry 10, you'll be very familiar with the active card view screen and the little tiny Xs you tap to close an open app like in the image below. A side swipe takes you to the Hub or the other direction takes you to apps.

    But how has BlackBerry implemented multitasking in Android? Android multitasking is accessed via the little square at the bottom of the screen. I highlighted it in red in the image below. You'll also see the Rolodex style card view that Google started using with Android 5.0 Lollipop. The Venice is reported to be shipping with 5.1.1 though with the fast approaching announcement of Android 6.0 that may change. Or BlackBerry could opt for an immediate downloadable update at Venice launch. That's another question we don't know the answer to.

    Taking a look at the leaked images we have in our super well-done Venice roundup we can see some signs of how BlackBerry approached multitasking. There are elements from BB10 strewn across the images but specifically you'll see the tiny Xs in the cards. It's also apparent that the software is in constant revision and the leaked devices vary by software version. You can tell that by the Close All X at the top of the screen in multitasking view as opposed to the lower images which have a blue X in a circle which is more inline with the Android Material design style of Lollipop. It's also clear that with some cards hidden from view that the list is scrollable not unlike the Z10 or Z30's multitasking view.

    This begs more questions though. Why is there so much blue space above the cards in the image on the bottom left? Does multitasking card build from the bottom or is that what it looks like when you scroll all the way to the top? Why are the cards different sizes? Are they resizable? Are the card tiles live? Will the BlackBerry launcher allow us to use the multitasking view as the home screen?

    What other little nuggets of secrets are the leaked images holding? If you found one let us know in the comments or via our Tip tool.

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