• BlackBerry's QNX OS Part Of Some Very Cool Stuff

    I stumbled across a very interesting article today while looking for some info about the QNX operating system and music integration. The article was done by Paul Leroux, or otherwise known to many on Twitter as @QNX_Paul. In it Paul discusses how the QNX OS enables cool. By this, he means just how many diverse ways the QNX OS is built into a variety of systems. We are talking about anything from a solar-powered plane to Digetech's JamMan guitar peddles.

    And of course, all this relates directly to the BlackBerry PlayBook being powered by the QNX OS, and how it amounts to a diverse powerful multi-computing platform. You have heard already, but when RIM says QNX based BlackBerry 10 OS will carry BlackBerry into the future, they were being modest to say the least. QNX not only enables cool, it enables innovation into the future for many more years to come. How many different systems is iOS and Android integrated into? I believe BlackBerry 10 will become the standard once we see it's fullness in January 2013.

    You can get more info on QNX integration via this PDF from the QNX Blog. Check out the variety of videos below that show products which have QNX integration:

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