• BlackBerry's New Legal Bulldog Is Ready For A Fight

    BlackBerry is getting tough. How? Meet BlackBerry's new Chief Legal Officer, Mr. Steve Zipperstein. Mr. Zipperstein, who left retirement in 2012, recently took on Detwiler Fenton and Co. when they published reports that BlackBerry Z10 phone returns were higher than actual sales at some levels. This reporting caused BlackBerry stock to drop eight percent in one day. Zipperstein says of Detwiler's report, "It was characterized as a statement of actual fact, and it was wrong." This report needed to be challenged and that is exactly what Zipperstein and BlackBerry did. Asking the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and the Ontario Securities Commission to investigate the report. The investigation continues at this time.

    Before Detwiler, Zipperstein took on Mformation. In reality, Zipperstein took on Mformation in his first week working for BlackBerry. Mformation had just won a $147.2 million dollar judgement against BlackBerry for patent infringement. Zipperstein appealed the verdict, arguing that Mformation failed to provide the proof that BlackBerry had infringed on Mformation's patents. Six weeks later, Mformation's verdict win was tossed. Mformation has appealed.

    "BlackBerry is no longer an easy target for patent lawsuits," Zipperstein said. "We're fighting back and we're going to continue to fight back."
    This is just an example of what Zipperstein is about. He was a Federal Prosecutor in the 1980's, prosecuting failed savings and loans. He was also involved in investigating the Federal government's siege of the Branch Davidian Compound in Waco, Texas. A no nonsense type of jurist.

    Most recently, Zipperstein worked as Verizon's general legal counsel from 2003 until 2011. This is a very interesting fact, considering the recent news of Verizon being forced to hand over it's customer's data to the NSA. It will remain to be seen how Mr. Zipperstein reacted to the government's ruling and how he tried to defend Verizon and their customer's interests.

    What do you think about BlackBerry's choice of Chief Legal Officer? Do you think he'll be able to take on the patent trolls and legal challenges that come BlackBerry's way? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: Bloomberg

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