• BlackBerry's Market Share Doubles In Canada

    After struggling through some tough times last year, BlackBerry appears to be on the up-swing on it's home field. A report from Raymond James Financial indicates that BlackBerry's Canadian market share has more than doubled to 13.5%, up significantly from 6% in Q4 2012.

    The momentum of the BlackBerry Z10 launch appears to have been the main factor, as many Canadians are switching over to the new platform. Last month, we also saw a number of corporations like Canadian Tire announce their commitment to BlackBerry 10.

    While BlackBerry's global market share has been dipping lately, things appear to be improving in Canada, with carriers reporting a "very positive response" to the new devices. The recent Q10 launch will likely send BlackBerry's market share even higher in Q2 2013, as many Canadians have been holding out for the QWERTY keyboard model.

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