• BlackBerry's Looking For The Next Great BBM Emoticon, And They Want Your Help!

    BBM emoticons are one of my favorite parts of the popular messaging app. We've discussed our favorite emoticons, along with some that we'd love to see before, and now BlackBerry is joining the party as well.

    Today, BlackBerry is launching new contest of sorts on their BBM Facebook page, in order to find the next set of BBM emoticons, and you can help the search!

    Here’s how to participate:

    1) Like this Post on the BBM Facebook page
    2) Leave your submission idea including description of emoticon if possible
    3) Optional: If you see other ideas in the comments, Like the ones you want to see most

    Couple of other ground rules:

    -Please keep your suggestions PG13 (no vulgar, sexual or offensive content please – submissions of this kind are subject to removal)
    -Keep in mind the size and scale of a standard emoticon
    -The possibilities are endless, emoticons help us chat in without typing

    Submission deadline is Wednesday, November 20 at 5pm EST. For further Terms & Conditions, visit: http://blck.by/1hM1Wrl

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