• BlackBerry's App Wednesday - Top App Picks For The Week

    BlackBerry has just let us know that they are starting a weekly "App Wednesday" list of the latest and greatest apps from BlackBerry World. Read their message below and see the list of this week's apps. And if you have any apps to add to the list, be sure to let us know in the comments below!

    As the number of BlackBerry 10 apps in BlackBerry World continues to grow, we will be starting “App Wednesday,” providing you with regular updates on the latest and greatest apps to join the BlackBerry 10 Platform, or other apps that we’d like to highlight for you. With the strongest content offering of any first generation mobile platform, BlackBerry 10 continues to welcome top app partners from around the globe. BlackBerry World features a broad range of categories from social media, to games, sports, productivity, lifestyle apps and more. BlackBerry World is also now the one-stop shop for music and video content for purchase or download on BlackBerry 10. Here are the latest BlackBerry 10 apps you don’t want to miss:

    · Slacker Internet Radio (Slacker Inc.)
    · Tou.tv (Radio-Canada)
    · 8tracks (8tracks, Inc)
    · Viki.com (Viki, Inc)
    · Songza (Songza Media, Inc. and #5 most downloaded in NA)

    · Where’s my Water (Disney)
    · Slots King Air (Magmic)
    · Hidden Galaxies: The Voyage Home (Magmic)
    · Phase 10 (Magmic)
    · Blackjack King (Magmic)
    · Ka-Glom HD (Magmic)
    · Space Leap (Marmalade)
    · Robotek (Hexage)
    · Shark Dash (Gameloft)
    · Uno (Gameloft)

    News & Magazines:
    · Geek Girl Dinners (Snapplify Pty. Ltd.)
    · Opulent Living (Snapplify Pty. Ltd.)
    · Connect Magazine (Snapplify Pty. Ltd.)
    · Momentum (Snapplify Pty. Ltd.)
    · Hospitable Marketplace (Snapplify Pty. Ltd.)
    · Chef Magazine (Snapplify Pty. Ltd.)
    · Nomu Gift Cards (Snapplify Pty. Ltd.)
    · Aleit Group Magazine (Snapplify Pty. Ltd.)
    · Joy Magazine (Snapplify Pty. Ltd.)

    Latest App News: WhatsApp will be available on BlackBerry World in March!

    For a look at all BlackBerry 10 apps, head to the BlackBerry World .

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