• BlackBerry's Android Productivity Suite Hacked for Non-Priv Devices

    If you've read my posts before, you may recall I use lots of phones. One of those devices is Google's flagship from 2012, the LG Nexus 4.

    Unable to grab a Priv yet and with the news of BlackBerry Android apps in the Google Play Store, I scrambled to the only place I know that likely has a way to get them; XDA Forums.

    Lo and behold they are there in all of their BlackBerry goodness. There are some requirements though. You must have either an HTC One or any device with Android 5.x, CM12.1, or CM13 and it must be rooted. Being rooted is because they are installed via custom recovery which is also a requirement. You need:

    1. Android 5.X
    2. ROOT & Recovery (CWM or TWRP)
    3. Xposed Installed (Optional)
    4. Lucky Patch (Optional)
    5. Download & Flash via Recovery
    You'll also need to install the first 4 apps in order:
    Install Step by Step Requirements:
    1. Installed BlackBerry Resources.zip
    2. Installed BlackBerry Productivity Edge.zip
    3. Installed BlackBerry Services.zip
    4. Installed BlackBerry Launcher.zip
    I'm running Cyanogenmod (CM) 12.1 which equates to Android 5.1.1 and have TWRP installed for recovery. I just downloaded the apps I wanted and rebooted to recovery and installed them! Easy! No error messages, crashing, or crazy battery drain so far.

    Don't have root and don't want to? You can still install the BlackBerry Keyboard and BlackBerry Calendar.

    For further steps and information check out the thread.

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