• BlackBerryOS Wants To Meet You In San Jose

    The start of BlackBerry Jam Americas is just three days away and we couldn't be more excited to be attending. We will be covering everything and anything BlackBerry related from RIM directly. However, this is a developers conference and, as such, the focus should and will be on them and their apps.

    We, at BlackBerryOS.com, love apps and the developers that make them and would love to be able to help all of you out more. If you're going to be attending BlackBerry Jam Americas next week, Joe Jerde, Mikel, and I want to meet you. We want to know what you've worked on and are working on currently. We want to get your apps on the forefront and help you connect with future customers more efficiently. We want to know your story and why you're choosing to develop for BlackBerry 10. We want to know what's still missing, from a developers stand point, and what can be done to fix it.

    We want to meet you.

    We'll be in attendance all three days so make sure you tweet us @BlackBerryOS or at our own personal accounts @BBOSJoe (Joe J), @mikelcal (Mikel), and @AgentBlackBerry (Me).

    See you next week in San Jose!

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