• BlackBerryOS Team Says Goodbye From BlackBerry World And Jam 2012

    I first want to start this article by thanking everyone who watched and supported us while we were sending out coverage of the BlackBerry World 2012 and BlackBerry 10 Jam events from Orlando. We had an amazing experience and got to meet some very great fans, devs, and RIM staff. It was truly a revitalizing experience for any BlackBerry addict. Over the course of the three days, there was everything from simple meet-ups for networking, to sessions on anything BlackBerry related you can imagine. And the Solutions Showcase was particularly interesting as you got to socialize while learning about the new and existing products on the market. Here is a little overview "in a nutshell" of the days during the event. Don't worry, we have more details to come in the next coming days as well.

    The Day Before - April 30th

    This was one of the most anticipated days. The BBOS team flew in from our hometown locations to meetup in the Orlando airport and begin our journey to the Marriott World Center where the conference was held. At the airport I got to meet for the first time @Knotty Sean Armstrong, whom the people have dubbed "Knotty Sean" for the lanyards he makes for conference attendees. Sean had arranged to bunk up in the same hotel with our site editor @AgentBlackBerry and @BBeesnHoney. When we first arrived we checked into our hotel rooms, freshened up, and proceeded to head to the first pre-event - the Tweet-Up Appy Hour. There I was able to meet for the first time many people that I have known only via the online world and now get the chance to meet in person to put a face on them. Among the crowd were many writers/owners from other BlackBerry sites, some RIM staff, and various developers and fans. Afterwards we enjoyed a few drinks and headed back to the hotel room to prepare for day one.

    The First Day - May 1st

    After getting up from our first night of fun and filming a great BBOS welcoming video clip, we quickly scurried down to the main room for the BlackBerry World Keynote, the most anticipated part of the event as BlackBerry 10 was on everyone's minds. We saw some amazing demonstrations of BlackBerry 10 OS by RIM CEO, Thorsten Heins, and got to hear some promising insight as to how RIM was planning the roadmap toward the release of the first BB10 device.

    After the highly energized Keynote was over, the crowd piled up outside the exits and hurried to get a bite to eat and make it to their first sessions of the day. While others were headed to these sessions, I was able to scuttle off of the BlackBerry 10 Jam keynote to get some insight on what was coming to the BlackBerry 10 platform in aspect to developer tools, and insight to when developers would be able to pick up the BB10 Dev Alpha device. The rest of the day at the conference was attending various sessions and hanging out in the solutions showcase checking out some of the RIM affiliate vendors - but the big party was about to begin at Universal Studios!

    The BlackBerry World Party 2012 was held at Universal Studios in which RIM had rented out half of the entire Universal Studios venue so BlackBerry fans could frolic on a myriad of rides and attractions at our disposal. All the free booze and food you wanted. And to top things off, there were live DJs playing the entire time at the stage area. We got to see an awesome demo of the upcoming Pacemaker app by DJ band, God's Will.

    The Second Day - May 2nd

    First thing in the morning BlackBerry 10 Jam attendees were able to pick up their Dev Alpha devices and get started crunching out their apps and getting a feel for the device. Most of this day for me was centered around the BB 10 Jam conference at the Hilton hotel as I was a attendee. The highlight of this day for me was I was able to site down next to RIM's Alec Saunders during the Ambassador lunch! We talked about various subjects both BlackBerry and un-BlackBerry related as we enjoyed very tasty meal. The eating was followed by a Q&A from the audience to Alec Saunders and other from RIM staff.

    After the lunch I headed back to the Marriott to see some more of the solutions showcase and mingle yet some more with the crowd. I was able to sit down on a BlackBerry Music session which was enlightening on the topic of where music apps where headed with the BlackBerry platform. And finally, the night was ended by heading back to the Hilton hotel to where the BlacKBerry 10 Jam party was being held. At the party contained all the dev addicts you could ask for which was being DJ'd by the awesome artist @LaurenLaneNYC.

    The Final Day - May 3rd

    And that leads us to the final day of the conferences. This day was contained mostly of the sad goodbyes of knowing the conference was ending. There were a few repeat sessions, but the final day was reserved mostly for fulfilling any last minute chances you may have missed during the first couple days of the conference. Our flights left evening so we had some time to wonder around the hotel and sit outside the solutions showcase on a nice soft couch, meeting random people as they walked by.

    And that brings me back to the leading article picture of us waving goodbye (for now) from BlackBerry World 2012. It was a great success in my eyes and has revitalized confidence on others. The overall energy and feel of the event was one of confidence and innovation. Looking forward to next year's BlackBerry World 2013 event and hope to see you all there with your BlackBerry 10 devices!

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