- @BlackBerryDev Gives Us A Little Reminder - PlayBook Will Get BlackBerry 10
  • @BlackBerryDev Gives Us A Little Reminder - PlayBook Will Get BlackBerry 10

    We've known that BlackBerry 10 will be making its way to the BlackBerry PlayBook since BlackBerry World two weeks ago. The thing is, all the excitement of the BlackBerry 10 demos from the keynote, the Dev Alpha device and all the hype surrounding the Cascades SDK being given to developers made this little tidbit kind of fall between the cracks and go a little unnoticed.

    Today, @BlackBerryDev sent out the above tweet as a reply to a question about Cascades/BB10 on the PlayBook and it served as a little reminder to us. This obviously put a smile on a lot of people's faces that had maybe forgotten about this cool fact.

    Our BlackBerry PlayBooks, which for many users are over a year old, are so solid in terms of hardware, that they will be able to run BlackBerry 10 without any problems. How cool is that? No need to buy anything. All you have to do is make sure you don't break it while we wait.

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