• The BlackBerry Z30's 2880mAh Battery Will Keep You Moving All Day Long

    One of the Z30's biggest pros will be its amazing battery life. Sporting the biggest battery ever on a BlackBerry device, the Z30 blows away pretty much every other smartphone in this category. It's internal, non-removable 2880mAh battery packs a larger punch than even the Q10's does, and if you're a Q10 owner, you know how long your 2100mAh battery can last.

    Coupling this insane battery with the technology of the Z30's super AMOLED display, and the battery enhancement of BlackBerry 10.2, and you have what may be the thing I'm most looking forward to from this new device. It cannot be understated how much some of us eat through batteries on a daily basis. I'm dying to get my hands on the Z30 to see exactly how much abuse it can take in this department.

    I'm wondering though, do you think having a non-removable battery will be a big deal or not? Sound off in the comments below!

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