• BlackBerry Z3 Makes FCC Approval List Appearance

    Maybe a North American variant of BlackBerry Z3 isn't so mythical after all! According to recent fillings by BlackBerry published at the FCC, a new version (STJ100-2) of the BlackBerry Z3 is currently going through the approval process from the FCC.

    In total, BlackBerry had four submissions for the STJ100-2, with a total of eighteen documents to go along with it, most of them unavailable for viewing due to confidentiality agreements. That being said, it seems that the STJ100-2 has been going through FCC testing since as early as November 2014.

    This device seems a bit out of place for a North American market release, as it is very unlikely we'll see a large North American carrier pick up the device to add to its lineup. Could a smaller regional/budget carrier have expressed interest in the Z3? Could this simply be BlackBerry prepping a ShopBlackBerry unlocked device launch with North American bands? Let us know your theory in the comments below.

    All four of the submissions can be viewed right here through this FCCID link.

    Source: CB

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