• BlackBerry Z20 Possibly Replacing The BlackBerry Z10?

    In a leaked internal document from Telus, received by BlackBerry Empire, it seems that an "unannounced" BlackBerry phone named the BlackBerry Z20(Manitoba) will be replacing the BlackBerry Z10 coming this fall. The document states that BlackBerry has stopped production on the BlackBerry Z10 and BlackBerry Q10 and "will no longer be accepting orders for those two products."

    It's our assumption that the BlackBerry Z20 is in actuality the Manitoba, which is the LTE version of the BlackBerry Z3. The LTE version of the Z3 is rumored to have specs close to the BlackBerry Z30 but keeping the design of the Z3 in thinness and shape. We mentioned the specs of the Manitoba about three weeks ago.

    We are awaiting official confirmation from Telus on this so please stay tuned and check back soon.

    Source: BBE

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