• BlackBerry Z10 VS Sony Xperia Z In Global Web Traffic

    BlackBerry has been successfully rolling out its new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone, but how well does it fair against the competition? BlackBerry has been trying to gain back some key markets. Among those markets is the United States, and any area that leads to a positive gain is a plus for the company. With both the BlackBerry Z10 and the Sony Xperia Z being released around a month of each other, the two devices battle it out in web traffic usage around the globe.

    According to data collected by 51Degrees.mobi the BlackBerry Z10 is consuming more web traffic in the U.S. than the newly released Sony Xperia Z. While the Z10 is clearly dominating in the U.S. and Canada, Sony's Xperia Z seems to be taking over other countries like Australia and Germany. So whats going on in the UK?

    With so much success around the BlackBerry Z10 in the UK, it would seem as though the percentages in the UK should be much higher. It may be that consumers in the UK are using their devices in a different way than the way that data was collected in this chart.

    Is the Sony Xperia Z a major threat to BlackBerry or is BlackBerry already positioned to overtake its rival?

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