• BlackBerry Z10 Sales: Nearly Half From Android and iOS Users

    Recently, we've heard of how sales of the BlackBerry Z10 have been reported by carriers in India, Canada, The U.K., and others. Taking things a bit further, RBC Capital has done a bit of analyzing and research and have come up with some very interesting numbers. RBC is reporting that 45% of BlackBerry Z10 sales are from converts. Yes, Android and iOS users are switching! This is very encouraging news as the US market is finally seeing the launch of the Z10 in the next two weeks as well as the Q10 model globally in the next month or two.

    Selling the BlackBerry brand is the essential point to making the BlackBerry 10 platform a success. With the market share of BlackBerry a distant third in the US, BlackBerry needs to bring back their former users. Currently the US market for BlackBerry stands at 20% of it's user base. Early reports from AT&T are pointing to a "slower pick up than in Canada and the U.K." But RBC Capital does caution that it is a bit too early to take the temperature for demand of BlackBerry phones in the US at this time.

    If the new BlackBerry Z10 starts to sell well with indicators of the pre-sale orders from AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile, and with the upcoming launch of the BlackBerry Q10 on the global stage, BlackBerry could indeed take a bigger chunk of iOS and Android users. This would bring the value of BlackBerry stock price up according to analysts.

    What is your take? Do you think that more Android and iOS users are switching? Are you buying the news? Do you know of other platform users switching to the BlackBerry 10 platform? Do you think that BlackBerry will regain it's former market share in the US? Let us know in the comments.

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