• BlackBerry Z10 Has Strong Start in Canada, UK, And The UAE, While U.S. Still Waits

    If your like me then your one of many Americans eagerly waiting on the release of BlackBerry's new Z10 device. While the new devices have been widely accepted throughout the rest of the world, the U.S market still remains untouched. T-Mobile one of the four main carriers in the U.S, is the only carrier that has given any sort of real release date, as Frank Sickinger, head of business sales at T-Mobile USA, stated that “The device is more stable than we anticipated,” and “If we are able to speed up the launch date, we will do that. Right now it’s looking like mid-March.” This also seems to be the general consensus from the rest of the major carriers as well.

    Hurry up and wait.

    The delay of BlackBerry Z10 devices coming out from U.S carriers is most likely due to required testing that all new devices must go through for each carrier. This process often referred to as " Lab Entry" allows carriers to test devices before they are connected to their networks. While the notion of carrier testing is nothing new, it does make one wonder why its taking so long. Most U.S carries have had devices to test since October of last year, and have had plenty of time to test the new devices. So whats the hold up?

    Some feel as though the delay with the U.S based launch may be because of the lack of a few major apps like Skype, Instagram, and even Netflix. This theory may hold true as the U.S smartphone market is app hungry, and many consumers will base their purchases solely on what apps a device supports.

    Regardless of the reason behind carrier delay, the wait is hurting BlackBerry.

    A slow steady slip

    Being on the front lines of IT management and working closely with those that partner with BlackBerry, I can't help but notice the decline of BlackBerry devices in the enterprise environment. The decline isn't because consumers do not what BlackBerry 10 devices its because they genuinely have no information regarding the new devices. In addition, the lack of marketing on BlackBerry's part has done little to show everyday consumers the power of BlackBerry 10, and this is a big deal considering the widespread acceptance of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the enterprise.

    Contracts are expiring, devices are breaking and consumers are having to go with other device. Every week that goes by without the release of the Z10 means a loss for BlackBerry. BlackBerry has done an outstanding job raising awareness of the Blackberry 10 platform to developers, but the company needs have the same amount of zeal to consumers.

    In the U.S there a sense of awkwardness towards BlackBerry as consumers wait for someone to make a move. Major apps or not, the U.S market has been hungry for something new and refreshing from BlackBerry. The answer, the BlackBerry Z10, is already here.

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