• BlackBerry Z10 Gets Thumbs Up From David Allen

    There are two kinds of people in the world, those who get by and those who GTD. While going through my timeline, I came across this tweet from Getting Things Done creator, motivational speaker and productivity guru David Allen himself.

    BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins has said from the very begining that this is not a device for everyone, and it is not positioned to take over as the number one device to rule them all, yet. But it is a device meant for people who are always on the move, getting things done, going where their focus and their vision takes them.

    This isn't your standard celebrity endorsement, but getting a nod from the productivity guru David Allen is definitely a sign that BlackBerry got their target audience spot on. There are thousands of BlackBerry users who live by the GTD principles to help them get through their day and their BlackBerry just happens to be their catch all "inbox". Just reading this tweet made me sit a little taller today.

    We'll be doing a series on productivity using the GTD principles with your new Z10 once it hits US carriers, so if that is your cup 'o tea, be sure not to miss out!

    And in case you've never heard of GTD check out the books below for the full experience:

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