• BlackBerry Z10 "Coming Soon" To a Costco Near You

    Personally I only go to Costco whenever I have a craving for their delicious combination pizza, or when I'm throwing a party for more than 5 people. But if you prefer to get your electronics and cell phones from the giant warehouse we've got good news for you!

    Costco now has a page letting anyone who will listen that they will be carrying the Z10 "Soon". While it doesn't mention too much details, it is a good sign for BlackBerry.
    With the impending "doom" of an AT&T launch next week, as some media outlets are referring to it, BlackBerry needs to make their Z10 available to as many consumers in the US as possible, and the best strategy is to have it sold in as many outlets as possible. We've already seen BestBuy announce the device as well as Walmart Canada, places where the average consumer will be able to see the device and possibly have an opportunity to try it out.

    Historically, BlackBerry devices in the consumer segment have been sold primarily based on word of mouth and consumer loyalty to their corporate device after leaving behind their company phone. Now, with increased and focused marketing efforts, only time will tell how the Z10 will do in the US. So far, other markets have embraced BlackBerry's new offering and we're confident that interest in the two new devices here in the US is significant enough to keep BlackBerry on its feet, not to mention the excitement coming from some enterprise users and even governments relying on Blackberry's secure platform.

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