• BlackBerry World Gets An Update Prepping For The Future

    BlackBerry World has received an update to version if you're running 10.2.1 and if you're running a leaked version of BlackBerry OS 10.3, you will see version These new updates to BlackBerry World are bringing some nice improvements to the storefront as well as the ever present "bug fixes".

    Here is the change log:

    • Micro carousel update on content homepages
    • Image display enhancements for higher resolution devices
    • Addition of recently viewed and bookmarks on Search page
    • Updated support for future form factors
    • Search performance enhancements
    • Bug fixes

    The update for 10.3 adds visual enhancements to the BlackBerry World icon, as it is flatter, like the icons are in the leaked 10.3 versions. Pretty cool looking to say the least and a look at what 10.3 will look like when it is hopefully pushed out in September.

    Let us know if you've got it and what you think of it, either the 10.2.1 or the 10.3, in the comments below.

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