• Is BlackBerry World Down For You Right Now? You're Not Alone

    UPDATE: Looks like BlackBerry World is slowly being restored. Still no official word from BlackBerry on the cause of the issue. If you are still having issues some users are reporting that the following workaround will help you get back in to BlackBerry World:

    1. Tap on the Music app.
    2. Tap on more (three dots).
    3. Tap on BlackBerry World.

    BlackBerry World seems to be down for several users in NA right now. When opening the app, "the blue orb of death," as we're calling it, will show up and BlackBerry World never ends up loading any content. We've reached out to BlackBerry for comment, and are still awaiting a response.

    Apparently, this issue has been ongoing since last night, so we're hoping it can quickly get resolved within the next couple of hours.

    Is BlackBerry World working for you? Let us know in the comments!

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