• BlackBerry World 4.3.1 Server Update Brings Much Needed Search Improvements

    BlackBerry World just got a much needed server update recently to make it easier for customers to discover content. The new update will bring on many keyword improvements, as well as boost improvements, which will allow apps that have more downloads and reviews to shine through better in the search results. This will allow more of the higher quality apps to be found easier when generally searching the store. Alex K. from the InsideBB Dev Blog breaks down the new improvements into more detail:

    How will a customer notice these changes? Here’s an example: a customer searches for “Travel” expecting to find “BlackBerry Travel”. Before, BlackBerry Travel would have shown up lower in the rankings based on the number of travel apps in BlackBerry World. With the search enhancements, BlackBerry Travel will now be at the top based on app name and number of reviews.

    – your content title, category name(s), and vendor name will automatically be added as keywords. For example, searches for ‘action games’ will return games in Games > Action category. Searches for “title” ”vendor” will find ”title” from ”vendor” – so searching for “Color ID Motek” will return Color ID.

    Boost –
    With the changes, rankings will now include downloads and ratings information to help boost the ranking of the results. Note, downloads and ratings don’t determine whether your app appears in search results. That’s determined by title, keywords and short description – the search criteria. Downloads and ratings determine the search rank along with the search criteria. For example; all other criteria being equal, the app with the larger number of downloads will have the better ranking.

    What else is in the update? We’ve fixed the formatting issue on the product detail page; brought back “Sort by popularity” to the BlackBerry World web store and RSS feeds are back too!

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