• BlackBerry Wins Court Order Barring Typo Keyboard Sales

    Seacrest Out(of luck)!! This news just came down. BlackBerry has won a court order that bars Ryan Seacrest"s Typo keyboard from being sold. The judgement handed down by US District Judge William Orrick rules that Typo DID NOT make a strong challenge to BlackBerry's claims that Typo had infringed on BlackBerry's patents. The Orrick ruling also dismissed the Typo claim that a temporary stoppage of sales would put Typo out of business.

    Back in January, we told you about BlackBerry suing Typo Products, LLC to stop all sales of the BlackBerry keyboard knockoff. It was pretty much a wait for it moment, as a blind man could have seen what what Seacrest's company was doing. Well, today the ruling came down in BlackBerry's favor.

    Pretty good news for BlackBerry. What do you think? Will Typo appeal? Will they go under? Will Ryan Seacrest cry himself to sleep tonight? Let us know in the comments below.

    Source: Bloomberg

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