• BlackBerry Welcomes Windows Phone and Nokia X Users To The BBM Family

    It is official, between the Facebook/WhatsApp deal and the constant security concerns with cross platform messaging applications, BBM finally has delivered in #BBM4All.

    As noted in the announcement, John Sims, President, Global Enterprise Solutions at BlackBerry recently said,

    “BBM continues to grow in popularity as millions of people use our mobile platform for chatting and connecting with friends or colleagues, and we are very excited that we will soon welcome Windows Phone and Nokia X users to the BBM community,”
    Bryan Biniak, Vice President and GM of Developer Relations, Nokia Corporation added,
    “Today marks an exciting moment for Nokia. By bringing BBM to the Windows Phone and Nokia X communities, our customers will be able to experience this popular global messaging app.”
    Ultimately, it was the loud voice of Windows Phone users who took to social media to voice their need to have BBM back in their life.

    We'd like to give a warm welcome to our future new contacts who choose to be on the Windows Phone platform and perhaps also the Nokia X platform.

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