• BlackBerry Venice And Passport Rumors

    German tech blog, mobileCTRL, received a couple tasty BlackBerry rumors this week.

    First, the BlackBerry code-named "Venice" is to be named Avenger. Wow, I hope that's not true. With all of the comic book hype in the movies and on TV these days that'd be a pretty poorly timed name. Not to mention corny for a phone name.

    The other is that the supposed release of an Android version BlackBerry Passport is false. This contradicts a couple of things. First, popular tech leaker, evleaks, reported two such instances of the Silver Edition Passport running Android. Both are renderings but they matched up nicely with this video showing the SE Passport doing just that. There is speculation that it was an early prototype that the video maker was able to get his hands on. That explanation lines up nicely with the fact his video does not show any of BlackBerry's Android productivity suite in action.

    I'm taking the rumors at face value. Though mobileCTRL says their source is straight from a BlackBerry employee. I guess we'll see. I'm getting tired of saying that. BRING ON THE SLIDER.

    Source: mobileCTRL in English

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