• BlackBerry users most important and influential according to Klout

    So apparently BlackBerry users have more Klout than and Android users. If you're wondering exactly what that means, you're not alone. Klout is a new social networking service that measures individual users "influence" by gathering data from their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even Foursquare activities.

    Recently Klout pinned Android and iPhone users head-to-head (while completely dismissing BlackBerry users as a whole) and found that iPhone users edged out their Google counterparts. Upon request from many readers, Klout calculated BlackBerry users' average influence and what did they find? BlackBerry users beat out both iPhone and Android devices alike. Klout called it "an upset."

    While many will quickly dismiss this statistic (and they may have some validity to do so), one thing that we can gather from this is that social networking on the BlackBerry platform has definitely improved within the last few weeks. With the release of new Facebook for BlackBerry and Twitter for Blackberry apps that are extremely solid, and a new Foursquare app that now integrates with BBM, it shouldn't surprise anyone that BlackBerry users are having more influence than ever.

    Research In Motion and BlackBerry's "impending doom" has also lead BlackBerry users to be influential in social networking in the sense that most of us have to constantly be defending or justifying our loyalty to our BlackBerry devices. If you're reading this, odds are you have at one point in time or another convinced someone to switch to or stay with BlackBerry. We are influential.
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