• BlackBerry Updates BES10 In The Face Of HeartBleed SSL Vulnerability

    BlackBerry has issued an update to BES 10 that addresses the vulnerability of Open SSL due to the Heartbleed bug. The update is mainly for iOS and Android OS'es running on BES 10. The Heartbleed extension read overflow is a serious vulnerability in the popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. BlackBerry is working to determine the full impact of the issue and confirm the best approach for protecting customers.

    Here is a list of the effected software:
    • BBM for iOS earlier than version (fix available)
    • BBM for Android earlier than version (fix available)
    • Secure Work Space for iOS, versions as outlined: (fix available)
    • Work Connect earlier than version 1.0.10980.3
    • Work Browser earlier than version 1.1.10980.3
    • Secure Work Space for Android, versions as outlined: (fix available)
    • Work Space Manager earlier than version 23552_10
    • SWS for Android 2.3.7 earlier than version 23552_10-2.3.7
    • SWS for Android 4.0.4 earlier than version 23553_10-4.0.4
    • SWS for Android 4.4 earlier than version 23554_10-4.4
    • Universal Device Service component of BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 version 10.1.1 and later (fix available)
    • BlackBerry Link for Windows
    • BlackBerry Link for Mac OS

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