• BlackBerry Unveils Their New Vendor Portal For BlackBerry World

    BlackBerry has revealed their new, redesigned BlackBerry Vendor Portal for programmers and developers after a few long months in waiting. BlackBerry wanted to revamp the experience with streamlining the application management processes and re-designing the look of the portal for BlackBerry World.

    Some of the changes include:

    • New UI look and feel
    • Streamlined process for submitting apps
    • Simplified management of screenshots and images
    • Promotion codes
    • License type management: switch from free to paid
    • Enhanced reports: more detailed and specific for downloads, purchases or subscriptions
    • Reports for customer reviews
    • Both preconfigured and custom charts for apps and promotions

    BlackBerry has kept the old vendor portal open as they expect the new portal to take a little getting used to. So, you can use either portal for your account access.

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