• BlackBerry Travel And EBay Apps Coming To BlackBerry 10

    In what is possibly one of the least shocking bits of BlackBerry 10 news out recently, we now know the BlackBerry Travel and eBay for BlackBerry apps will be making their way onto BB10. BlackBerry Travel is a fan favorite on current BlackBerry smartphones for its amazing tracking availability and the fact that it takes away so many worries from business travelers' minds. Logically, bringing BlackBerry Travel to BlackBerry 10 is the next step for RIM.

    EBay for BlackBerry, on the other hand, is currently one of the biggest piles of garbage available in App World. Thankfully, this dreadful app will be getting a completely redesign on BlackBerry 10 and actually looks like it could turn out pretty great.

    These types of apps will be integral to the success of BlackBerry 10 because of the "native" feel to them. The more closely integrated an app is and feels to the OS, the better users respond to them. Keep 'em coming RIM, 35 days to go!

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