• "BlackBerry Torch 10000" Spotted On Asurion Help Site

    On the cellphone insurer Asurion's very own help website, a curious thing was discovered. They have added the BlackBerry Torch 10000 to the products available for help to their customers. While this is exciting news, there could be a new BlackBerry that will be released on the horizon, we're uncertain about which BlackBerry this will be. Maybe the BlackBerry London? Maybe some other smartphone that has been tightly under wraps? We'll just have to wait and see. For anyone could know, it's a sick joke on us BlackBerry-obsessed device junkies. What I do know, is that if RIM is finally breaking into the five digit models, we can be confident that it'll have be spectacular.

    One piece of information that was found was that the Torch 10000 was set to be sold by AT&T. Also, the iPhone 5 was listed, and as far as I'm aware, that's still quite far away from its release.
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