• BlackBerry Sponsors Toronto HackerNest At Ryerson University

    BlackBerry is sponsoring a HackerNest event this evening at Ryerson University, in Toronto. For those that don't know, HackerNest (in their own words) "is an international nonprofit uniting local tech communities through unpretentious Tech Socialsand hackathons. We cram lots of smart, accomplished people into a room with free drinks. Our relaxed, down-to-earth events attract a diverse and highly technical membership. Strict no-douchebag policy."

    The HackerNest Tech social is a fun way for techies to connect with other techies. Tonight's HackerNest will highlight Ryerson's Fashion Zone. You can find out more about tonight's HackerNest and sign up at meetup.com

    I like how HackerNest approaches their promotions and haw they define themselves and others. For example, they describe their sponsor for this event, which is BlackBerry, as "Canada’s favourite household-name-tech-behemoth: award-winning global leader in wireless innovation and technology."

    Have to love that.

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