• BlackBerry Sponsored Lewis Hamilton Tweets...From iPhone?

    Oh no!! Can it be??? Did Lewis Hamilton actually just tweet from an iPhone??? That's so wrong. I mean, his team is majorly sponsored by BlackBerry. Mercedes AMG Petronas certainly would make sure that the former F-1 World Champion driver would be using a BlackBerry, wouldn't they? They're sponsored by BlackBerry, the logo is plastered all over their cars and their driver suits, etc. Here is Lewis and his team mate Nico Rosberg posing with their BlackBerry phones:

    I guess to each their own. I'm not privy to what their sponsorship details contain, so it may be that he isn't tied to using a BlackBerry phone. I mean that can be the only way to explain this..

    WAIT.... Lewis Got HACKED!!! Probably by the same twit who hacked Alicia Keys.

    Whew.. glad to know they only got hacked and didn't actually use an iPhone. That would be wrong.

    Wouldn't it?

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