• BlackBerry Spent Nearly $1.3 Billion On Research And Development Last Year

    You need to spend money to make money, the saying goes. Well it seems that BlackBerry is all over that adage. Last year, according to Research Inforsource, BlackBerry spent $1,324,470,000 in R&D. That is more than big corporate names like IBM Canada, GM Canada, Rogers and Imperial Oil combines and second in Canada next to Bombardier.

    The question is, was it worth it? Does the money spent equal the results? Has the profit margin justified the expense? Makes us wonder exactly what the research went into and what emerged from the development. The Passport, Classic, a possible slider or maybe a tablet????

    What do you think of BlackBerry's R&D budget? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.
    Source: Mobile Syrup

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