• BlackBerry Slider Phone Specs Revealed Along With Release Date

    Speculation has run rampant recently ever since the BlackBerry Slider phone, codenamed Venice, was introduced at the MWC earlier this year. Rumors of the specs that the Venice would carry went from mediocre to powerful. Even now the speculation on whether the BlackBerry Slider phone will run a BlackBerry 10 OS or Android or even a hybrid of both are still swirling.

    However, the good folk over at N4BB have received confirmation on some of the specs of the BlackBerry "Venice" phone. I have to admit, it's looking good. I didn't like the idea of the slider at first but I have to admit it's growing on me. The Venice is slated for a November, 2015 release.

    Here are the known specs of the BlackBerry Venice:

    • 5.4-inch Quad-HD display
    • 18 MP rear-camera
    • 5 MP front-camera
    • 1.8 GHz Hexa-core (Snapdragon 808 chipset) 64-bit
    • 3 GB RAM

    I'm loving the camera specs and display. Seeing a Hexa-core processor is great news. Maybe it will run a hybrid?

    Let us know in the comments below what you think and will you get the slider when it comes out?
    Source: N4BB

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