• BlackBerry Should Release BBM On iOS And Android On A Very Special Date In Its History, July 14th

    Over the last couple of weeks, and definitely over the next few months and maybe even longer, BlackBerry's decision to take BBM to iPhone and Android will be debated extensively. Is it the right call? Is it the right time?

    We've put out our opinions, in favor of it and against it, but alas, it will happen. So the next question obviously becomes, when?

    So far, BlackBerry's official comment regarding timing is what Thorsten Heins himself said during the BlackBerry Live 2013 keynote when this development was announced, "this summer."

    In 2013 in the Northern Hemisphere, summer takes place between June 21st and September 21st. This means BlackBerry has a gap of three months extending all the way until the last 10 days of September to hit their goal. Unless something crazy happens, we fully expect BlackBerry to meet this soft deadline, and we'd like to suggest a specific date that's extremely special to the company: July 14th.

    Why July 14th? Well, there's something very special about this date that many may not know. We did some digging last year, and even asked the creator of BBM, BlackBerry's Principal Architect, Gary Klassen, for some help in finding out exactly when BlackBerry Messenger was first released.

    While we all couldn't come up with a specific official date then, the earliest mention of BlackBerry Messenger being released dates back to a post by our good buddy Kyle McInnes of BlackBerryCool on August 1st, 2005. It's really cool to look back and see how BBM got its start, and how so much was still unknown. Make sure you check out that article.

    Since that's the first date we could find that BBM was mentioned online, I figured maybe it had been released even earlier than that, and it just took a bit to be discovered. We asked BlackBerry directly for a date, and we were told BlackBerry Messenger's official release date was July 14th, 2005.

    How awesome would it be if BBM went cross-platform on the 8-year anniversary of its first ever release? Answer: Very awesome.

    There have been rumors floating around about June 27th being the actual date, and if it does come out this month it would be cool, but I say they wait a couple of more weeks, and release it on the biggest day in BBM's history.

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