• BlackBerry seeing competition within US government

    *In above photo: Herman Cain, Presidential Candidate 2012 w/BlackBerry Bold 9000

    Reports coming in that the US Government is taking a shift away from BlackBerry devices. According to a Washington Post article published yesterday, agencies within the federal government are moving away from BlackBerry devices, and allowing government employees to use their own preferred methods of communication. Also, BlackBerrys at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory has dropped from 1,000 to 700 in the past year.

    We should have seen this coming when Barak Obama became a traitor to BlackBerry when he started using the iPad. It's a conspiracy against RIM to wipe out all BlackBerry devices by the end of his term in office.

    What is the solution? Vote for Presidential candidate Herman Cain in the 2012 election. He is not only a huge BlackBerry fan, he sports an old school Bold 9000 - how cool is that!?

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