• BlackBerry Says It's Hip To Be Square With The BlackBerry Passport

    Put on your neon sunglasses, parachute pants, maybe a single sequined glove. Fire up the music on your BlackBerry and indulge in some Huey Lewis. Maybe "Hip To Be Square", because that is exactly what BlackBerry hopes you'll notice with their soon to be released phone, the BlackBerry Passport.

    Drawing it's design from the physical design of a travel passport, BlackBerry's Passport is a 4.5" screened ticket into innovation, productivity and a fresh new approach to how smartphone design should be. The screen on the Passport allows the view ratio of a 5" screen but with added width.

    BlackBerry wants you and your business to think outside the box by thinking square. When form follows function, productivity blossoms.

    The Inside BlackBerry Blog has more information on the design, practicality and business uses for the passport. You can read more here.

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