• BlackBerry's App Wednesday - Kobo Books, Carrefour & Auto Trader Canada Coming Soon To BlackBerry 10!

    BlackBerry has sent out their list of top Z10 apps in BlackBerry World for the week, with some nice up and coming app news as well. Kobo Books, Carrefour, and Auto Trader Canada apps will be coming soon to BlackBerry World!

    Check out the full list of top BlackBerry 10 apps for the week, below. Also, be sure let us know of any other notable apps in the comments!

    · Texas Hold ‘em King (Magmic)
    · GRave Defense HD (Marmalade)
    · Rolly Poly (Marmalade)
    · Save the Earth (Marmalade)
    · Ruzzle (MAG Interactive)
    · Talisman Prologue (Marmalade)
    · MLB.com At Bat 13 (MLB Advanced Media, LP)

    · Occipital 360 Panorama (Occipital, Inc.)

    News & Magazines
    · Al Jazeera Arabic For BlackBerry 10 (Al Jazeera)
    · LexPress (Groupe Express-Roularta)

    · CNBC Alarm Clock (CNBC)
    · MyVodacom (Vodacom Pty Ltd.)
    · PagesJaunes (PagesJaunes)

    Lifestyle & Entertainment
    · eBay (eBay.com)
    · BlackBerry Travel for BlackBerry 10 (BlackBerry)
    · Kayak (Kayak.com)

    · Zeebox (Zeebox)

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