• BlackBerry Reveals First Official Image Of The P'9983

    BlackBerry has released their first official image of the Porsche Designed P'9983 Khan. The image posted along with a post about the design process of the P'9983 on the Inside BlackBerry Blog but was quickly removed as quickly as it had been posted. The post of the P'9983 appears to have been slated to be published AFTER the launch event later today in Dubai at 7 P.M. (11 A.M. EST).

    The image is a testimony to the elegant design that Porsche brings to the table and you can see part of the design concepts that led to the pictured P'9983. Apparently there was also an unboxing video that went along with the blog post so, we hope to see that back up after the launch happens.

    According to the removed post, the BlackBerry P'9983 Khan will be available in October to nine countries around the world.

    What do you think of the "official" image of the Khan? Are you impressed? Would you buy one if you had the finances? Let us know in the comments.
    Source: CB

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