• BlackBerry responds to reports of Dutch forensic team hacking its phones

    In the wake of recent reports that a Dutch forensic team managed to decrypt emails on some of the BlackBerry's most secure smartphones, the Canadian company has issued a formal statement saying they don't have any information related to the method used as well as the phones involved, and adding that their "devices remain as secure and private as they have always been."

    "BlackBerry does not have any details on the specific device or the way that it was configured, managed or otherwise protected, nor do we have details on the nature of the communications that are claimed to have been decrypted." according to the statement on the official Blackberry Blog.

    Looking to dispel rumors that there is a "backdoor" into the operating system, the statement concluded by completely dismissing the claim.

    "Furthermore, there are no backdoors in any BlackBerry devices, and BlackBerry does not store and therefore cannot share BlackBerry device passwords with law enforcement or anyone else. In other words, provided that users follow recommended practices, BlackBerry devices remain as secure and private as they have always been.

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