• BlackBerry reminds Apple who is king of security and privacy

    BlackBerry just recently launched the start of their official BlackBerry Priv webpage, and already they are making waves in the tech community with what they've posted about Apple's take on privacy and security.

    Apple has recently begun to ramp up their marketing efforts on how they will make sure personal data on iOS devices are protected by "safeguards" built into the operating system.

    BlackBerry saw this as an opportunity to set the record straight on who has been in the privacy and security business the longest:

    "We At BlackBerry Are Happy To See Apple Is Now Taking Your Privacy Seriously. For The Last 20 Years BlackBerry Has Built Our Reputation By Creating The Most Secure Devices In The Market. That Is Why In Recognition Of Our Long History Of Valuing Our Customers’ Privacy We’ve Named Our Next Generation Secure Smartphone."
    While iOS has come a long way in the world of security, there is no doubt that BlackBerry is still king. And now with the BlackBerry Priv being powered by Android, this makes for an interesting string of events to play out. Essentially Google benefits the most in this battle as they get the security and privacy of BlackBerry. This can't sit well with Samsung and other companies that run Android either, as they will be seen as the lesser of the secure Android powered devices if the BlackBerry Priv manages to take off.

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