• BlackBerry Ramping Up Purchases Of Phone Components From It's Taiwan Suppliers

    Good news has come out of Taiwan recently as component suppliers for BlackBerry phones have received an increase in purchases of parts for BlackBerry 10 phones. The purchases have included LCD screens and other pieces that make up the BlackBerry 10 smartphone.

    This increase seems in part, due to strong sales of the BlackBerry Z10 and the Q10 models. Some estimates put BlackBerry device deliveries at 30 or 40 million by the end of the year.

    Component suppliers in Taiwan believe that BlackBerry is likely to further expand the BlackBerry family by releasing entry-level and mid-range BlackBerry 10 models for emerging markets in the second half of 2013.
    Another factor pushing the demand for components is the upcoming release of the BlackBerry Q5 device. What do you think of this news? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

    Source: DigiTimes
    Via: BBE

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