• BlackBerry Q30 Cases Start Showing Up On Popular Manufacturer Website

    It's very common for cases to be the first to show up on the scene before a device is officially launched. The BlackBerry Q30 is no exception, as Alibaba.com is now seeing the Q30 cases pop up for sale via several Chinese manufacturers.

    As for the look of the case? It does make for a very Z3-ish looking design, as it looks like BlackBerry will be keeping in line with that prototype-Beta style look. Maybe there were a few more Dev Alpha QWERTY devices laying around in stock that needed to be sold off and turned into cash. As long as it makes BlackBerry money, and can in return bring about more flagship devices, I'm all for it.

    What do you think about what the new Q30 cases will bring for design?

    Source: BlackBerries.ru

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