• The BlackBerry Q10 Is Selling As Well As The Samsung S4 In The UAE

    In the United Arab Emirates, BlackBerry has a major hit on their hands so says the CEO of Axiom Telecom. The company recently placed it's largest ever order for a BlackBerry phone (The Q10) and they're still in short supply. The Q10 is selling evenly with the sales for the Samsung S4, and outselling it's sister phone, the BlackBerry Z10.

    "The Q10 sales have been phenomenal and much better than the all-touch Z10. We were so confident of the success of Q10 that we placed our largest single order of the phone ever since we started our relationship with the BlackBerry. Even then we ran out of the phones,” said Faisal al Bannai CEO of Axiom Telecom. “It is the fantastic product and one of the two best selling product along with the Samsung S4."

    Seeming to confirm how successful the sales of BlackBerry 10 phones are, RBC's analyst Mark Sue estimates that BlackBerry will ship close to 3.5 million BlackBerry 10 units in Q1 of 2013, which is a revised estimate of his earlier prediction of 2.75 million units. Going along with high estimates, Bloomberg also is saying there have been high shipping numbers for BlackBerry 10 phones, estimating 7.7 million units shipped between March and May 2013.

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