• BlackBerry Pushing For A Quick Sale; Could Be Complete By November, Reports WSJ

    As we know, BlackBerry has put together a committee to determine what to do next with its business. Today, a new report has surfaced via the WSJ, indicating that BlackBerry has received several suitors to buy out the company in the last couple of weeks since making the formal announcement outlined above. The Journal also adds that BlackBerry is reportedly trying to expedite the sale, hoping to complete it by November of this year.

    No suitors were named in the report, which cites an anonymous source, or if BlackBerry would be sold off in various pieces, or all at once. While this is absolutely huge for anyone that owns a BlackBerry device, or is a BlackBerry fan, reports like this aren't always 100% accurate.

    If this report ends up being accurate, BlackBerry has definitely moved extremely quick in an effort to get this done.

    If BlackBerry does indeed sell its assets, is there anyone in particular you'd like to see them join? Let us know below!

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