• BlackBerry Purchases Ad Space on USA Today

    When Senior CMO, Frank Boulben said he was going to ramp up BlackBerry marketing in the US, he wasn't kidding. We've started to see more and more targetted advertising in all kinds of venues for concerts, sporting events, TV, and even print media. You may remember BlackBerry sponsored The New York Times' Deal Book conference late last year and took out all stops in making the then yet unreleased device to be prominently featured on the front page of both its print and online newspapers.

    Today's edition of USA Today highlights 3 features of BlackBerry 10 as it relates to everyday living, sports and tech. Check out the pics below.

    Printed in the "Life" Section of USA TODAY April 3, 2013

    Printed in the "Tech" Section of USA TODAY April 3, 2013

    Printed in the "Sports" Section of USA TODAY April 3, 2013

    I have been observing how BlackBerry has strategized its ad campaigns and although I am no expert, I can see why they are doing what they are doing. Their Keep Moving spot is the only one I've seen on TV recently, and although it may not be as effective as other campaigns from the competition past and present, it does pique the interest of the viewer to take action and look up the device. Another thing I have observed, is that BlackBerry is going where the people are, bringing the BlackBerry Experience to them. There is a HUGE focus on face to face interaction wether it be on interviews, concerts or sporting events. It's always about the customer.

    A key target market for BlackBerry these days to hold on to the #3 spot in smartphones depends on keeping those users who are "BlacKBerry People" and attracting new users. The mobile industry appears to be at just the right intersection to have BlackBerry slowly climb back up to the top ranks, Android now seems desperate to "innovate" new features that at the end of the day just feel gimmicky and iOS has been reported to be reorganizing to revitalize its now 5 year old user interface. I am excited to see where this campaign will go once BlackBerry really starts moving numbers.

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